Art Journal Farewell to The Space Shuttle

screen capture from the ustream

I did what has to be my fastest page ever as I did a journal entry dedicated to the final space shuttle launch. The 115F dry weather had the paint drying in seconds instead of minutes, even without the hairdryer! Then to kill some time I did a cartoon gremlin, a quick studio tour and played with the babies. There’s a spray paint moon and space background, a painted sun and earth, and a collaged shuttle Atlantis. We also had a brief visit from @TheAmpleGoddess. It’s always a joy when she brings her family to the studio for a visit.

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What’s On Your Easel?

Here are the folks that sent me links to their work for the What’s On Your Easel segment of the show.  If you or anyone you know would like to be featured in this segment, send me tweet or e-mail me with a link to your blog or photo hosting page like Flickr.

The You Tube:

You can watch the video at The You Tube or in the embedded player below:

Link Lovelies

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