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Hello Peoples!  I’ve just had an AMAZING weekend.  The Snake Artist Bill Flowers and his wonderful partner Jennifer Rowland came to visit my studio! Of course, my studio is not quite ready to receive visitors yet, but I couldn’t let that get in the way.  Saturday morning, Bill and Jennifer accompanied me to the Grady County Fair where we tended the booth for the Rock Island Arts Festival.  Saturday afternoon we visited the Wild Care wildlife refuge in Noble, Oklahoma.  All day Sunday we hiked and sketched wildlife at the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Reserve.  Here’s the really cool part, I got to show them their very first ever buffalo, long horned cattle, prairie dogs, collared lizards, rattle snakes, and humming birds.  Being from Australia, these folks had never even seen a squirrel before.  The way they were amazed by things that we take for granted every day was really an eye opener.  It will really impact how I see the world for a VERY long time.

Last week I had the pleasure of talking with Juriaan, the Viking artist.  Juriaan is a very talented artist drawing and painting murals out in Washington State.  He made a very funny video with his daughter acting as a ventriloquist dummy where he was instructing us on the very basics of cartooning.  As he drew, every time he said the word “bunny” she would whack him with a wooden spoon.  You can watch that video and many others on his YouTube channel Juriaan13, where he continues to give drawing instruction.

Using his cartooning techniques I drew a bunny and made him a vampire bunny that sparkles just like in twilight.  That will make more sense if you watch his video.  Then, as my wife is a huge Twilight fan, I had to stake the Team Alice sign.  Which of course leads to the song, White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane.

This was so much fun.

You can watch the video on the YouTube, or in the embedded player below:

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Upcoming events on The Artistic Biker Live!:

02SEP2010 Bill Flowers, The Snake Artist, is coming for an in studio visit and we will go out sketching in the wild of the Wichita “Mountains”.

09SEP2010 Gary Reef, mixed media artist and all round great guy, will be visiting with me to discuss his favorite mixed media techniques, his use of stencils and spray paints, and life as an Aussie in Norway.

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