A Simple Request for Donations

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that I have offered some level of entertainment for you over these last few months.  It is my sincerest desire and intention to continue to offer you an inside look at my journey through the arts.  I love learning of all kinds, and I can’t help but share what I’ve learned with you.  My efforts have brought me a great opportunity of late.  A building in my town has come up for sale.I think this building will make a wonderful studio art school, but it needs a lot of love.  I am reaching out to you, wonderful internet peoples, and asking you to please help.  I am asking for your donations.  Besides the purchase of this building, funds are needed for electrical wiring, plumbing, roofing and window replacement, as well as structural restoration to the upstairs.

Of course, any amount is appreciated, but your donations of $10 or more will help open a studio for fellow artists to conduct workshop classes and share their talents in an art starved world.  You can donate if you just click the above DONATE button.  And as always, I sincerely thank you very much!

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