A Brief Note 12FEB2012

Hello Peoples!

Very little has been accomplished at the studio for the last couple of weeks.  First, I went out of town with the Day Job only to come back to a mountain of end of the month paperwork.  THEN my bride has her gall bladder thingy, and since she’s down, I’m staying home to help with the kiddos.  This past week, I did make it down to do the drawing class, The Artistic Biker Live!, and Midnight at Oasis.  By Saturday, we had decided she could pretty much handle anything except picking Boy2 up.  That freed me up to take Girl2 dancing Saturday afternoon.  So, Sunday, I rewired the bathroom and the outlet for the refrigerator in the studio.  That SHOULD stop all the circuit breakers… breaking…  during the streams.  I bought quite a few other nifty items to clean up the wiring a bit, as well as some tools to finish out some of the trim work in the gallery. Things should start rolling pretty quickly now.  It’s really quite exciting!

This time of year we are ALL severely limited on fundage so we may be building with used pallets.  If you would like to help with that, you can go to artisticbiker.com and look for the DONATE button on the right side column and donate what you can.  If you can’t do that, please share this newsletter with everyone you know to help get the word out.  That helps more than you know.  Or better yet, Click Here to Join! artisticbiker.com/membership and help promote the arts in rural Oklahoma.

If you have any announcements you would like made in the newsletter or tweeted about incessantly, drop me a line and I’ll toot your horn for ya.  ;)  There were no announcements this week.

I’m going to keep the same password for a while so the password is: arting

The Classroom site is http://www.ustream.tv/channel/oasisgalleryok

Drawing Class: Negative spaces.  Drawing what’s not there to emphasize what is.

The past classes are moving into the Pay-per-view side of ustream and on artisticbiker.com as well. $2 lets you view them online at Ustream, $5 lets you download them at artisticbiker.com, and a $10/month membership gets you unlimited downloads from the site.

Click Here to Join! artisticbiker.com/membership

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