Life, The Universe, and EVERYTHING!


On Monday, January 28th, upon waking up, the answer to Life, The Universe, and EVERYTHING was bestowed upon me.  Then she went to work and I happily went about the rest of my birthday doing the things I always do on my birthday.  Each year I schedule an eye exam, ear exam, dental exam, and a physical.  This year I was only able to get the eye exam in and the doc said my eyes were relatively healthy.  Yay! Wait, what?

This year, I turned 42.  There is so much excitement going on in my life right now, I really couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.  After the eye exam, I had a fried onion hamburger from my favorite greasy spoon, I recorded an interview at a local radio station, then I got a deep tissue massage.  The only two things that could have improved upon that would have been if I had sold a painting and if the day had ended the same way it began.  ANYWAY… there’s video for the page here:



What’s on Your Easel JAN2013

Each week on The Artistic Biker Live! I do a segment called What’s on Your Easel.  I like for people to show off what they are currently working on or have just recently finished.  I don’t care if it’s a sketch or choreography.  If you are doing something creative and want to share that creativity with others, simply send me a link of What’s on Your Easel to “blade at”.

The Mighty Jay sent us this:

Jay's Pinup Angel


The Sexy, Redheaded Darcy sent in a link:

Sexy, redheaded Darcy's turtle



Athala the Beautiful sent in some photos of what she played with for the week:

pheobesnow2 pheobesnow3 pheopesnow1 phobesnow5

The Artistic Biker Live!  was only 10 minutes this week as we talked about setting up my recent art show.  Watch the video here or in the embedded player below:


Recent show

Recently, I was invited to show my work in the lobby of an investment firm in downtown Norman, OK. Every month on the 2nd Friday, the Norman Arts Council puts on an Art Walk. All of the downtown businesses dress up with local artists and have a mile long block party with wine and snacks, entertainment, THE WORKS!


It was a great thrill seeing my work hanging on their walls. I had quite a few inquiries, sold a couple of minis, and picked up a commission. It’s estimated that over 300 people came through the lobby that night.


At one point there was a line going around the whole place as people waited to view. I could not have been happier.