Art Journal April Fool

This week’s video is a tribute to The April Fool.  I’ve been thinking about a recent post from Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio, who said that you should do what you love in your journal.  A lot of people collage, many stamp and stencil, I love to paint.  Drawing and painting are my main loves so that’s what I decided to do in my book.  Of course I will still be experimenting with different mediums and techniques, but I’ll be sticking with my first love.

During the The Artistic Biker Live!, @Threedot Dave suggested that I use Steve Miller’s The Joker as the song for the video.  I explained to him at the time that as I am now a YouTube partner, I have to be careful with ASCAP licensing.  If you’re not familiar, they manage MOST of the copyright licensing in the US.  Anyway, after having said that, I thought about it a long time.  I decided that’s what I was doing when they invited me to become a partner so why on earth should I change.  ASCAP can bite me.  Of course, if I ever want to profit from YouTube, I’ll have to buy a license, but for now, let’s just have some fun.

You can watch the video on The You Tube, or in the embedded player below:

Art Journal Hefalumps and Henna

A couple of years ago, the Oklahoma City Zoo planned to update their elephant paddock.  While doing so, they sent the girls off to Tulsa so they could enjoy some  “quality time”, and maybe they’d get a calf or two.  Last week, the new paddock was completed and the elephants came back to the OKC Zoo.  We made a special trip with the kids in the middle of the week to see them in their new home and I want to say, it’s fabulous.  It’s King Kong meets Jurassic Park.

Danja Lessor of Henna by Danja joined us in studio on The Artistic Biker Live! and demonstrated her Henna artwork for us, including how she mixes her henna from scratch.  Then she tatooed all of us, including emblazing “Daddy’s Girl 2” on Girl2’s arm.  I used the henna to make the strip at the bottom of the journal page.

You can watch the video on The You Tube or in the embedded player below:

The Dark Muse

My buddy Juriaan has gathered up a BUNCH of his fine art and craft art and performance art and you-name-it art colleagues and friends and has made himself a little magazine called “The Dark Muse”. It’s a VERY ambitious project in that he aspires to include ALL things art. Now THAT’S living the creative life! Bravo, my friend, bravo!

Check out his magazine, The Dark Muse