What’s on Your Easel?

Snails, Pinups, and a Spider

What do those things have to do with each other? Nothing really, other than I drew them…

These snails are from a reference provided by Hielmy_arrasyid . Check them out. They’re a great photographer on instagram.

These Pinups are in keeping with the Halloweeny theme! The first one is Stefania Ferrario, then Austin White, Erika of Spacemunkybuns, and Nelsy of Wildkitten10. They are all great models!

I was honestly questioning whether to share the Pin-ups. In a couple of the F-book groups I belong to there have been a handful of people offended by the sexuality. Then a couple of thoughts occured to me… It’s my page, and I’m “The Artistic Biker.” While I know they exist, I think you’ll find bikers who don’t like pinups are in the extreme minority.

And finally, this little watercolor spider is based on a reference provided by Biju PB of AvianDiaries

That’s pretty much a round up of what’s on my easel! I would love to see and share what’s on your easel. Just send an email to Blade at Artistic Biker dot Com with the subject Easel and I’ll use your works to help inspire others. That’s what this is all about.

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