Creative Every Day 08FEB2010

Mad eye cupid video for #ced2010
It is so hard to believe that another week has flown by.  I mean, we’re not even in January any more!  Groundhog day has come and gone and my boy is already almost two weeks old.  Just think, two more weeks and we may have a full night’s rest in this house again.  I missed a day somewhere this week.  Between Creative Every Day and Thing-A-Day I think I only did 13 things instead of 14.  I’ll figure it out somehow, but here is this week’s list:
  1. – More embelishments 4 my journal #ced2010
  2. – I submit dis tho i’s not done #ced2010
  3. I’m claiming tonight’s show for #ced2010
  4. OK, tweeps, I’m outtie. I just wanted make sure my video posted so I could claim it for #ced2010
  5. – Mad eye cupid video for #ced2010
  6. – Rebuilt a changing table for #ced2010

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