Creative Every Day Monday 11JAN2010

Wow! Another week has passed and it’s time for another installment of Creative Every Day Monday.  This has to be, without a doubt, the easiest post to write.  On last week’s Creative Monday post, you’ll remember I talked about hashtags and using them to search with?  Well, every day this week I posted my Creative Every Day challenge on twitter using the hashtag #ced2010.  A simple search of twitter using my moniker, Blade21292, and #ced2010 gave me the list for this week!  So, for your enjoyment and hopefully inspiration, here are this week’s tweets about my Creative Every Day journey:
  1. Tuesday Blade21292 – I don’t think this tweeted#ced2010
  2. Thursday Blade21292 In case the show won’t qualify 4 #CED2010 Tonight, 8-10 pm cst, The Artistic Biker days ago from TweetDeck
  3. Thursday Blade21292 I think this qualifies for #CED2010 days ago from TweetDeck
  4. Friday Blade21292 It was my turn to cook so a quick twenty minute meal off the cuff for #ced2010 days ago from TweetDeck
  5. Saturday Blade21292 I’m gonna use my spray paint workshop video as my #CED20101 day ago from TweetDeck
  6. Sunday Blade21292 – Cool frozen watercolor bckgrnd #ced2010about 23 hours ago from TwitPic
  7. Monday Blade21292 – Spraypaint vid production for#ced2010about 4 hours ago from TwitPic

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