Art Breaks

My day job as a superhero/predatory capitalist often has a mid-afternoon lull. I’ve decided to use that time for a quick beer and some sketches. Plus the scenery is Awesome!

Whatever you do, don’t tell my beautiful, young bride. She gets violent when she drinks. :)

The TWO-STORY Bookstore!

We are easily entertained. After Boy2 and my beautiful, young bride returned from his first reconciliation Saturday, we went to lunch instead of a wicked early breakfast. Then we decided to load up and go to a Barnes & Noble we heard was HUGE. YUUUUUUUUGE!

We spent about three hours milling around this two-story bookstore, and then another hour reading, sketching, and drinking our hippy coffees.


For the last year or so we have been into “the routine”. Wake, work, eat, sleep, work in some practice and claim you’re growing. Problem is it’s boring. It’s not challenging in the least bit. Worst of all, it shuts off the creative part and your life turns into a script.

Some good friends of ours took me in for the weekend and woke me up at DARK Saturday morning. They took me to breakfast at their favorite Saturday morning breakfast joint. It was fabulous by-the-way. They explained to me they do this every Saturday, then go on an adventure. Sometimes the adventure is going home and going back to bed. Sometimes it’s a flea market. Sometimes it’s a watermelon or strawberry festival. But they have an adventure every Saturday.

We got up this Saturday and went to breakfast. One adventure we will be having is finding a great breakfast place. Our next adventure today was the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It was so great being together. It was so great seeing all the neato stuff. But most of all, it was SO GREAT BREAKING THE ROUTINE! There’s not much you can do about the daily routine. Kids go to school. Parents go to work. Dinner. Bedtime. So we’re committing one day a week minimum to break the routine. Zoo, museum, park, observatory, aquarium, beach… strawberry festival… break the routine. Today it gave me some much needed inspiration for drawing and painting and family-ing.