Mini Painting: A Redhead


I thought I’d do a little painting tonight.  GET IT?!?   A LITTLE painting?  See the PENNY?   BWAHAHAHAHA. I crack myself up.  No really, I want to do more of these minis.  Not only are they great little sellers, but they’re great little give aways! Some of the things I’m going to start giving them away after the filming of the $2 Tutorials on Thursday nights.  What?!?  You don’t know about the $2 Tutorials?  That happens in the “after show” of The Artistic Biker Live!  If you’re not there on Thursday nights from 6:30 ’til finished, you’re really missing out!

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What’s On Your Easel 13AUG2013

What’s On Your Easel?

a screen shot from the what's on your easel segment

Each week on The Artistic Biker Live, I have a segment where I promote other artists around the web in what I like to call “What’s On Your Easel?”!  So, What’s On Your Easel? What have you been doing with yourself? I sincerely want to know what you are currently drawing, painting, sculpting, dancing, writing, singing, choreographing, photogging, or otherwise artistically making love to! Post a link below!

Last week we had works submitted by Michelle Greene Hotchkiss


Gina Shillitani (

Christina Ross
2013-08-18 20.27.21

2013-08-18 20.30.03

And Penny’s Mom

If you would like to be a part of “What’s On Your Easel?” just send a link to

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The Artistic Biker Does a Pre Halloweeny Page

The Videos


Since I’m working on a larger painting for a show called Visions of the Macabre, I wanted to journal a little about tonight. Plus it gave a little pre-Halloweeny glee.

This week’s easel features the artwork of Michelle Greene Hotchkiss (, , Gina Shillitani (, Christina Ross, and Penny’s Mom!

Video Short:

Art Journal a Pre Halloweeny Page

Video Long:

The Artistic Biker Does A Pre Halloweeny Page

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