Daddy/Daughter Breakfast Sketches 13OCT2012


After two weeks without it, it sure was great being able to go to breakfast with Girl2 again.  With soccer, Brownies, and sleep overs with her friends, I’m afraid my time with her is just going to keep getting shorter.  But for now, we’ll go to breakfast together as much as we can and sketch.

Drawing Class 10: Still Life

still life with rum

Last week in Drawing Class, we discussed direction of the class.  I asked the audience where they would like me to go with the class and what they would like to see more often.  I took a lot of notes while working on this quick still life.

There will be no classes this week as the day job whisks me to foreign, 3rd world  countries (Texas).  But we will be back January 31 with a new season of Drawing Class.

The class is free and online at
The password to get into the class is in the newsletter here:


Drawing Class 9: The Eye

Drawing Class: The EyeTonight in Drawing Class I laid down the basics on how to draw an eye.  I demonstrate how the human anatomy and life drawing can be broken down into basic shapes so that you can get a better understanding of the shading.  I also talk about how using the AOH method as a tool, while helpful in understanding, can be a bit cumbersome because of the way it inhibits the fluid motion of a life drawing.

I drew three quick eyes to demonstrate differing styles such as the quick sketch,  a basic drawing, or a fully realized rendering.

The class is free and online at
The password to get into the class is in the newsletter here:


Bra Remover

acrylic painting of bra with bottle of wineI have many props in my studio, as well as many ideas on manipulating paint.  The other day I noticed a bra and a rum bottle sitting next to a coffee cup on a table.  That was the inspiration for the still life, but I’ve been conceptualizing this back ground for weeks.  I really like how this one turned out, but I think I can still tweak it a bit in the next piece.  I’ll talk more about the process in painting class.  I also think on the next one I will put a bird on it.

Painting Class: Fire Hydrant Finale

Tonight in Painting Class I finished up the fire hydrant example I have been working on. We talked about pushing the colors, using quality materials, atmospheric perspective and the whole lot. Immediately after I turned the cameras off, I decided to ink it. I'm really glad I did.

The class is online and free at
The password for the class can be found in the current newsletter here:


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