Daddy/Daughter Breakfast 03AUG2013


We had breakfast wicked early this week so we could dash over and finish cleaning the studio. We’re teaching sketching to the art council’s First Saturday Kid’s Club.

Studio Update 01AUG2013


This Saturday I will be teaching an outdoor sketching class for the Chickasha Area Art Council’s First Saturday Kids Club.  I have been stressing a bit about where to get inexpensive sketchbooks. It wasn’t going to be a big deal. I was going to just fold over some 11″x17″ paper and loan them a clipboard.  YESTERDAY, however, I stumbled across a school supply warehouse that was open to the public. They have apparently been around for 100 years.  When I  asked about student sketchbooks, she led me down a dusty old Aisle and showed me a stack of 12″x18″ sketchbooks that had been on that shelf for over 15 years. They sold them to me for 25¢ each so I bought all of them. Then I brought them to my day job and put them on the shear to cut them in half. Now I have 74 9″x12″ sketchpads that cost 12.5¢ each. I love finding bargains like that!

Where do YOU find your best art supply savings?

Daddy/Daughter Breakfast 27JUL2013


Good lord we were STARVING for some reason this morning. Suddenly, she has the appetite of an 8 year old.

Daddy/Daughter Breakfast 20JUL2013


The kids stayed Friday night with my folks. I started the day by coaxing them away from Granny & Grandpa’s house. So by the time we got back into town for breakfast we were starving. We didn’t talk or even sketch much this morning, but we did get to enjoy each other’s quiet company.

Daddy/Daughter Breakfast 06JUL2013


After her long trip driving with her mom, Nana, brother and Auntie, she was super excited to go to breakfast with me.  Her brother really missed me too. Of course none of them missed me as much as I missed them. Hard to think about Dad at work when you’re riding the teacups at Disneyland. I’m not bitter… (grin)