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The Classroom

The classes and workshops from The Artistic Biker! and Oasis Studios & Gallery

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$2 Tutorial Tuesday: Essence Of


This is an introduction to what I call “Essence Of”.  This is for stuff you need in your painting, but is not the focus of the painting.  It’s a way for you to lay in shapes quickly and to trick the viewer into thinking there’s more detail than really exists.

This tutorial is available for download for $2

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$2 Tutorial Tuesday: Visual Cues

visual cues

This is an introduction to using visual cues to get your art across.  Sometimes it’s not about painting what you see, but what your audience expects to see.This tutorial is available for download for $2



Tutorial: The Tools I Use


This is an introduction to the tools I use while working on my art journal, and why I use them.This tutorial is available for download for $2



Painting Class: A Beach Scene


This is a demonstration of how I lay in a quick beach scene background. It has basic perspective, water elements, clouds & sky, and color mixing on the fly. You may download and watch at your leisure here for $2.


Painting Class: Popcorn I

Popcorn painting from classTonight, I demonstrated the horrors of not prepping a surface properly, creating a background underpainting, and began blocking in the shapes for the popcorn forground.

[nonmember]This class is no longer available as free content.  All classes are left free online at Oasis Studio’s Ustream for four weeks after recording.  You may download and watch at your leisure here for $5.

[/nonmember] (more…)