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The Artistic Biker is me, Jonathan "Blade" Manning.
A treasure troll of a man, with hobbit feet and a sharp pointy head.
The Artistic Biker is a blunt force journey through the art world and art journaling. If Bob Ross, Red Green and Justin Wilson had a love child, it would be The Artistic Biker!
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Weekly Update 21MAY2015

May 21st, 2015

The Videos


Once a year I get to go back to my old Alma Mater and inspire young minds with art demos. Ultimately, the goal is to this full time with all of the rural schools within 200 miles. I did a speed painting demo for them this time and it was really fun.  – Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-artistic-biker

You can watch the full 90 minute LONGY here: http://youtu.be/puzji03q1pA

You can watch the short 3 minute QUICHE (quickie) here: http://youtu.be/sPKMo6frKf4

The Easels

This week: The Sexy, Red-headed Darcy, Athala, Kelly, Raine, Gillian and Caartje! You can watch the video here: http://youtu.be/qA_SrTV-t0k



Completed Owl_2


The Sexy, Red-headed Darcy



Artist Poet Girl



Kia Gillian

motorcycle apr 15 by Gillian



Raine Phoenix


Claartje van Swaaij





And me


kids working

me demo

Weekly Update 13MAY2015

May 14th, 2015

The Videos



My wife and daughter couldn’t get home to us because of tornados and storms. I’m not sure if she’s was more worried about us in the storms or the damage we would do to the house while left alone. If you ever had a husband and kids, or if you’ve ever had a new pet trapped in the house, you know this fear. – Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-artistic-biker

You can watch the 90 minute longy here: https://youtu.be/r2CHvdYSKPU
Or, you can watch the 3 minute Quiche (It’s pronounced “Quickie”) here: https://youtu.be/uEwt-tGTU8c

Also, if you would like to see this week’s easel submissions, there’s a video here: https://youtu.be/A4-UpvFbtVE

The Easels






rose6 rose5


Pamela French



Artist Poet Girl



The Sexy, Redheaded Darcy




Jonathan “Blade” Manning


Weekly Update 07MAY2015

May 6th, 2015

The Artistic Biker Does The Hangman’s Knot


This week, I am in Pecos, TX, with the day job. I went to the West of The Pecos Museum and saw one of the court houses of Judge Roy Bean, “The Hanging Judge”.  Turns out ol’ Judge Bean only really ever condemned two men to death in his entire tenure as Judge of Everything West of The Pecos. And of the two, one of them escaped.

One of the techniques employed this week was the muting of the background to make the foreground pop. Regular viewers know that I do this often as I like to obscure the backgrounds in favor of the real subject matter. In this episode after painting and drying the background, I painted the rope on top and then obscured the background with a dark blue watercolor. You can watch the full hour and a half LONGY  or you can watch it in the hyperspeed QUICHE.

Here is the 3minute 44 second  QUICHE: Mixed Media Art Journal Hanging Knott s6e30quiche



And here is 1 hour 42 minute LONGY: The Artistic Biker Does The Hangman’s Knott s6e30longy


What’s On Your Easel?


This week we have works from:

Pamela French
Pamela conch shell

pamela sea shore



The Sexy, Red Headed Darcy,

darcy pencil case and journal cover

and a class offering from Dede!
amelia sketch


And I managed to ink out a face this week!

blade faces

So, What’s On Your Easel? What have you been doing with yourself? I sincerely want to know what you are currently drawing, painting, sculpting, dancing, writing, singing, choreographing, photogging, or otherwise artistically making love to! If you would like to be a part of What’s On Your Easel, simply send an email to Blade@artisticbiker.com with the subject line Easel. We’ll use your works to inspire others to create on their own. And that’s what we’re all about here, getting people to try.

What’s On Your Easel S6E29

April 29th, 2015

This week we have samples from Athala, Pamela French, Raine Phoenix, The Sexy, Red-headed Darcy, and Kerri Love.

Mixed Media Art Journal: Storms Make Me Sleepy

April 28th, 2015


Lay your head back and relax.
Close your eyes and breathe deep.
Imagine with every inhale you are breathing light into you.
Imagine, as you slowly exhale, the warmth of the light flowing from your center and energizing your limbs.
Imagine your limbs floating. Imagine all of you floating until you feel as though you have left your body behind.
Now open your eyes.
Are you still in your lane?

The storms flying and blowing everything around make me very sleepy. I thought I would journal about it. If you enjoyed it, please LIKE IT, THUMB IT, AND SHARE IT!

The Artistic Biker is a blunt force journey through the art world and art journaling. If Bob Ross, Red Green and Justin Wilson had a love child, it would be The Artistic Biker!
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