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What’s on Your Easel JAN2013

January 17th, 2013

Each week on The Artistic Biker Live! I do a segment called What’s on Your Easel.  I like for people to show off what they are currently working on or have just recently finished.  I don’t care if it’s a sketch or choreography.  If you are doing something creative and want to share that creativity with others, simply send me a link of What’s on Your Easel to “blade at artisticbiker.com”.

The Mighty Jay sent us this:

pinupangel zps888bb599 295x400 Whats on Your Easel JAN2013




The Sexy, Redheaded Darcy sent in a link:

P1080096 Whats on Your Easel JAN2013






Athala the Beautiful sent in some photos of what she played with for the week:

pheobesnow2 300x225 Whats on Your Easel JAN2013 pheobesnow3 Whats on Your Easel JAN2013 pheopesnow1 Whats on Your Easel JAN2013 phobesnow5 Whats on Your Easel JAN2013

The Artistic Biker Live!  was only 10 minutes this week as we talked about setting up my recent art show.  Watch the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8RPx7cbd80 or in the embedded player below:

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