Ultimate Painting Battle!

I got to compete in a live painting event with the Ultimate Painting group! We were given 20 minutes, a pallet of paint and a blank canvas. I made it to the final round! It was really a very cool experience. Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/7_WUArSSlnA

wpid 20150305 200733 Ultimate Painting Battle!

Show On The Road from Nashville

wpid wp 1424312828419 Show On The Road from Nashville

What do you do when travel with the day job conflicts with your hobby show? You conform to the day job, of course. You pack everything up in your Monster’s High suitcase and take the show on the road. This week we’ll be coming live from a hotel room in Nashville! Thursday night 6:30-8:00c but the pre-show sing along starts at 6. http://www.artisticbiker.com/ustream

A Little Frog Sketching

wpid 20150202 211930 A Little Frog Sketching

I mentioned to a friend of mine recently that it seemed lately when I painted that I was uninspired and just going through the motions. I showed her some of my past works and she saw the mini painting of a frog. She was excited because she HAS pet frogs and started showing me pictures of them. She is now sending me regular frog photo updates and I have begun sketching them. This feels pretty good. Find what you like and do it, right?

What do you think of digital stuff?

wpid sketch10132636 What do you think of digital stuff?

I have been playing around with the sketchbook on my phablet. I like that it is always with me and that I can just whip it out wherever I please.  My question is, how does it compare to traditional mediums as for acceptence?  I haven’t played with any of them much, but there are a lot of cool features on this app. I can pull up a picture, create a layer, trace and paint the layer, then delete the picture. I can set a light source and introduce shapes like spheres and cones that are pre-shaded so that I don’t have to figure out how that light bends around that object. I can select a color and slide a scale to the perfect hue and opacity, even the size of my brush/airbrush/pen or any number of other implements. And most importantly, I can save at various stages and undo up to ten strokes/steps. I’m having a lot of fun playing with it, but when does it stop becoming art and just cut and paste? Or does it?

wpid sketch11218747 What do you think of digital stuff?

wpid sketch101194621 What do you think of digital stuff?

This won’t get it done

wpid 20141130 214017 This wont get it done

Have you conquered your distractions? How, or if not, how do you plan to? (more…)

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