What’s on Your Easel 03JAN2013

Each week on The Artistic Biker Live! I do a segment called What’s on Your Easel.  I like for people to show off what they are currently working on or have just recently finished.  I don’t care if it’s a sketch or choreography.  If you are doing something creative and want to share that creativity with others, simply send me a link of What’s on Your Easel to “blade at artisticbiker.com”.

The Mighty Jay sent us this graphite drawing he was doing for his work:

Jay's pinup


The Sexy, Redheaded Darcy sent in a link for her thank you cards:

Darcy's Thank You Cards




Athala the Beautiful sent in some photos of what she played with for the week:


These were featured on The Artistic Biker Live!  Watch the video here http://youtu.be/uIyO6s5SlO8 or in the embedded player below:


Art Journal ice Storm 2012

Ice Storm 2012

Water doesn’t NORMALLY freeze in Oklahoma.  Not on its own, anyway. ‘Tain’t natural I tell ya!  Anyway, the last week of 2012, all the weather stations were talking about life altering winter storms that were going to hit our state.  I think it snowed for an hour or so.  Needless to say, we survived it.

There’s a video for this page over at Teh YouTube or in the window below:


Daddy/Daughter Breakfast 05JAN2013

daddy/daughter breakfast sketches 05JAN2013

A little girl who belongs to one of the kitchen staff or possibly the owner (we’re not sure) has joined us a few times for our sketch dates.  Girl2 is happy to share her sketchbook and the two of them corroborate.  When I showed my bride this pic, she just hugged Girl2 and said, “Rock on, baby, art the world!”

Art The World indeed.

Weekly Update 03JAN2012

Hello Strangers!

I havent’s blogged to you since last year.  That joke is never not funny.
Anyway, I wanted to post about some big changes coming to The Artistic Biker.  2013 is already shaping up to be a busy month with me have works shown in other galleries, people showing their works in my gallery, and a continuing effort to bring you quality arts entertainment.

  • The usual 5 minute YouTube video will be posted by Saturday morning.
  • I’m separating out the What’s on your easel section into it’s very own YouTube video.
  • More speed paintings!
  • More outings to art events!
  • More guests!
  • More MOAR!

If you want to be a part of what’s on your easel, send me a link to your current work in progress or your just completed work to blade@artisticbiker.com. I’ll get as many of them as I can on the show and post all of them to the website for others to peruse and be inspired.

If you’re new to The Artistic Biker, here is a small taste of how a usual show goes: