Week 4 of The Halloweeny Season

The Video

Week 4 of The Halloweeny Season


Sadly and happily it is time for The Halloweeny Season! That means that it is almost over, but not without a celebration of candy!! (and hopefully a little of the “nature” celebration wink wink) Anyway, here is the final tribute to The Halloweeny for 2012. Be sure to comment and share it, ’cause that helps grow the family.

Tuesday Tube 23OCT2012

The Video



Week three of The Halloweeny Season has a page ripping werewolf clawing through the background to get out into the full moon.  I really should have had Boy2 and Girl2 sing along with me on this one as it’s one of their favorites!  If the video get’s 20 likes and 20 comments I’ll post a second video showing where the claw marks came from.

Weekly Roundup 21OCT2012

The Art

RR Crossing  A Bee

My fascination with the mundane continues with a railroad crossing.  I’m also still painting bugs.  I really dig painting like this.  It always amazes me how fast it happens once I decide to do it.  I’m also always a bit put out when it’s over because I have nothing to work on.  And then there’s the fear that the next one won’t be as good as the one I just finished.  Does that ever happen to you?


The Easels

Every week, I ask for submissions for The Artistic Biker Live! “What’s On Your Easel” feature.  In this case, your easel is wherever you create, whether its painting, drawing, practice, sculpting, any of the visual arts, or photographs of your culinary and performance arts.  The submissions will go here.  If you would like to submit something, send me a photo of it to blade@artisticbiker.com, or tweet it to me @bladetheartist.

Daddy/Daughter Breakfast

Daddy Daughter Breakfast 15OCT2012

Sometimes we time it just right that as soon as we just get into a sketch, the food shows up.  I both love and loathe when that happens.


The Video

Week II of The Halloweeny Season


It’s week 2 of The Halloweeny Season! You know how much we love the Halloween here at The Artistic Biker!!11!!1!!!  Anyway, this video was a tribute to the vampires of Twilight.  Because vampires shouldn’t twinkle.  And vampires suck.

This Week’s Stuff 14OCT2012

The Art

This week I made a commitment to myself that I would endeavor to have one painting in finishing, one in background, and two in prep each week.  Of course that means that I didn’t accomplish any of it.  Well, technically I did, but it was a rework of a painting I started two weeks ago.  I am REALLY digging this painting and drawing every day biz.  It’s even more fun when others join in with me.

The studio has TWO whole members now.  That’s a doubling of membership for every week it’s been open.  We’re developing a schedule of classes to encourage others to come out and play was well.  I’ll keep you posted on that as it develops.  In the meantime, if you’re in Oklahoma and out driving around some night, swing by and see what we’re all about.

The Links

Every week on The Artistic Biker Live! we turn the links on in the chat room for the last ten minutes of the show.  That way, if anyone has any creativity type links they want to share, they can.  Then I review them to ensure that the porn ones are kept safely away from prying eyes and bookmarked for “Figure Drawing” reference later, and present to you all the family friendly(ish) ones.  Here are this week’s links:


Daddy/Daughter Breakfast Sketches 13OCT2012


After two weeks without it, it sure was great being able to go to breakfast with Girl2 again.  With soccer, Brownies, and sleep overs with her friends, I’m afraid my time with her is just going to keep getting shorter.  But for now, we’ll go to breakfast together as much as we can and sketch.