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5 Min Faces 01MAR-24MAR

On March 1st, 2012, I started a new #100DaysArt challenge: 5 min faces.  These are done on a 9″x11″ sketchbook with a gel pen and a timer set for 5 minutes.  You can find all of them at the 5 Minute Faces gallery.

#100DaysArt 5 min face 01MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 02MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 03MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 04MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 05MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 06MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 07MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 08MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 09MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 10MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 11MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 12MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 13MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 14MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 15MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 16MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 17MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 18MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 19MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 20MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 21MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 22MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 23MAR2012#100DaysArt 5 min face 24MAR2012

A Brief Note 26MAR2012

I’m not really sure where we’re going right now.  The twitter crowd has dwindled.  I have been banned from Ustream.  Feedback from this newsletter is nil.  I’m out of money at the studio.

Oh yes, I was banned from Ustream because I held up my sketchbook of nudes.  I flipped my thumb through it and was saying how I couldn’t show it there because Ustream has a zero tolerance policy for nudity.  That’s when I looked up and saw that I was banned for violating the nudity policy.

It’s all I can do to find the strength to continue to art.

Continue to art!

I was arting before there was twitter and Ustream.  I was arting before this newsletter, and of course before I bought the studio.  I will continue to art as long as I’m able.  You should too.

If you’ve been arting lately, send me a link and let me see it.

I have set up a new account at Livestream and everything should be in motion for the show to continue from there.  There will be a few changes you should be aware of.  Livestream doesn’t have a namby-pamby nudity restriction.  So I most likely WILL show off the nude sketchbooks.  As a matter of fact, the first livestream broadcast is probably going to be titled “The Artistic Biker Does Nudes” or “The Artistic Biker All Nude All The Time”.  Should make for solid entertainment if you’re into gnomes.

The Artistic Biker Live! Thursday nights from 6-8p central


Time Slips Away

Time Keeps On Slipping

Right after time change I noticed I was running out of time more and more.

The video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0jAmWG2a8k

Daddy-Daughter Breakfast 24MAR2012

Daddy/Daughter breakfast sketches

We both decided to draw the people this time.

5 Minute Nudes Finale

NUDITY ALERT! Duh! I am spending 5 minutes a day practicing drawing naked ladies nude figures. This is part of my #100DaysArt process where I pick something to practice for 100 days in a row.  Here are the 5 minute nudes for the week of February 20, 2012 through February 29, 2012. All of the previous 5 minute nudes may be found in the Gallery under 5 minute nudes.

#100DaysArt 5 min nude 20FEB2012#100DaysArt 5 min nude 21FEB2012#100DaysArt 5 min nude 22FEB2012#100DaysArt 5 min nude 23FEB2012#100DaysArt 5 min nude 24FEB2012#100DaysArt 5 min nude 25FEB2012#100DaysArt 5 min nude 26FEB2012#100DaysArt 5 min nude 28FEB2012#100DaysArt 5 min nude 29FEB2012